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I care enough to let go

There is no room for me I’ve tried placing myself in your space We just don’t fit You want it your way and I need it mine I always knew we would part ways Just not with hate in our hearts You want what’s mine You want my time You want my mind You want […]


En Route

To the young girl with the empty notepad Exploring the unknown Trying to find the words to express her hurt Her sadness Yet, forgiveness The darkness that forced her to leave A place that is now so foreign A place which awakens her with memories of drifting away slowly, forever She never takes enough An […]


You pretend there isn’t a storm Nothing to protect you from the rain and hail You walk barefoot in the alley Glass hidden in the cracks of the pavement Penetrating the soles of your feet You never complained You took on the ocean You never swam in anything deeper than 5ft Yet you rode waves […]


Stuck in the belly of something inhuman Drowning me in its emptiness Voices fill my auricle Now my mind is infested with fear Fear of leaving myself behind No knowledge of time Or measurement of love Poison consumed to cope with the darkness My mind is now a prison Unable to reach any depth Vision […]