No Strings Attached?

I saw you a few times a month because I wanted to keep our distance, seeing that we saw each other on the scene quite often. I hated you were so affectionate in front of my friends, you knew it too much you also knew I would never disrespect you in front of them. There were others you know, but mainly it was just you because, well, I trusted you more. I don’t like pillow talking and neither did you. What happened in those hotel rooms stayed there, sometimes we would revisit those exact rooms and it felt like we never left. You used to tell me you never wanted to leave and I knew you had crossed a line, but sex with you was great. I should have ended you months ago. “I never want to leave” turned into “I love you” one drunken night at a mutual friend house, causing me to reacting in a way a crab would. I disappeared into my shell, I kissed you one last time that night because I knew it’d be a while before I see you again. After two months of not answering your calls and texts, you caught me getting out of my car on the way to a bar to see a woman I’d been seeing for a couple weeks. You proceeded to tell me that I am heartless and you couldn’t believe you fell for someone like me. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I told you I would call you so we can meet up and talk about it. You shoved me and told me to kiss your ass. That’s all I ever wanted anyway, I just wanted casual sex with a beautiful woman I loved talking to when I had the chance. We had an agreement, but that agreement was ignored shortly after a few nights of wine. I never wanted it to end that way, you failed at keeping your end of the bargain and now I’m the “bad guy”. So much for No Strings attached.

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