Speak to me without fear

Let me know you’re speaking with a clear mind

We can’t keep breaking each other down with words that hit like thick whips,

Ducking when I here that clip

wounds left open, blood seeping through our clothes

Leaving reminders why we shouldn’t do this anymore

Leaving pain

Scars reminding me daily how toxic this is

Speak to me without fear

Think before you speak, rather

Express your hurt through words that doesn’t leave me permanently critical

why you gotta be so cynical?

Leaving me useless, because that’s how you make me feel

I look in the mirror sometimes and see the hurt you want me to be

You don’t realize the words you speak match my frequency

Speak to me without fear

Tell me how you really feel

Let’s move some mountains til the coast is clear

Finally feeling weightless and gaining so much patience

You speak with so much power in your lungs

I finally understand what you’ve been saying


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