Loving You

Spying and time traveling to get to you, Calling out like sounds waves, I felt your message Hands reaching through the galaxy, stretching so widely, you brushed up against my spirit I see you and I feel you, my love Way before I knew who you were Spending decades to grow with the woman you […]

On Sundays

Things that make me happy? Basking in a clean house with lots of natural light in my sports bra and underwear. Wood floors so shiny from cleaning all morning. Erykah Badu “On and On” blasting in my stereo with incense in both hands, swirling around and dancing to the music. A huge bowl of fruit […]

Short Rant

It’s so hard to pick up where you left off. That long streak of inspiration felt like winning the lottery because for once I thought I found what I’m good at. I’m not saying I’m terrible at this, but I came in thinking this would be nothing because at the time, this sounds like a […]

Starting Over

As I watch you try and finally love yourself You’re stuck feeding the ego of your demons Stripping away every part of yourself that you built with sweat and blood Every new layer revealing your weaknesses They began to scare you You finally see being strong isn’t so easy Loving your enemies isn’t any easier […]