Love like Honey

Love like Honey

Lips like honey

Locked with intentions

I bite and suck, not missing a drop

So sweet and soft

Leaving my thighs sticky

You follow the aroma

Nose suddenly buried in my flower

I bloomed on a sunny Thursday morning

Your acrylic nails grip my plump ass

Watching The dip in your back

The motion was in your bare hips

The vibrations between my lips as you moan

I inhale

Then release

On your sweet Lips, like honey



Tracing your shoulders and clavicles with the tip of my fingers

Sending chills down your thighs

Watching your eyes roll back

Watching you bite your bottom lip

Wishing It was between my lips instead

Imagining what flavor you’ll have lingering on my lips when you’re away

Hoping this time you won’t be gone too long

Having to find the words every time we meet-to having a hard time finding your panties

I like when you leave them here; a souvenir

It reminds me how wet my fingers were when I slid them down

The time it took to get you here doesn’t compare to the work I put in when you wore my favorite dress

Caressing your body, making you feel at home before you dip

Before you leave, don’t

I wish you could stay longer,

Staying longer means more work

So I let you cum when she got you stressed



I’m not sure if you know how important it is to hear a woman moan through pleasure

I get so tense and weak

Every spot will be touched

everything becomes about you,

although so much benefits me

That look in your eyes when I first slide my fingers in,

I’m assuming what you look like makes me want to never stop,

stop until you convulse

eyes rolled back and fingers indented in my skin

The only time when bruises are felicitous

I want to be apart of every moment and feeling although I can’t feel it physically

But mentally

I’m taking every part of you apart,

Little by little

learning your wants and needs

Making this desire into a desperate yearn

A desperate need

The term “thirsty” means shit when it’s actually accurate

I want to drink you,

I want to sip you so delicately

I want to Brew you

Making every drop memorable

Preserving every drop

Every sound you make permanently indicates what i should do next

Guide me

Talk to me through your body

Every moment is so important,

like a baby’s first steps, Milestones

I need to attain this language your body speaks

it’s vital to learn what you crave- because I crave you