The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Slipped through the cracks of my fingers

Too late to grip,

You fall like water


I never got to float in your ocean

Instead I got lost in your waves

So deep in your current

temperature dropping

Leaving me numb

Hoping that I’ll get to see you again

Before The Sun Rises

Before The Sun Rises

Before the sun rises

You are the last thing on my mind,

I smile uncontrollably

Heart racing

Such a familiar feeling

But with someone new

Before the sun rises

I read our texts again

Smile like I’ve never read it before

I like seeing what you have to say

Redundancy has never been so fulfilling

Even when it’s vague

Before the sun rises

I plan on making bigger moves

Jotting these things in my head

Ways to make you laugh

I want you to forget what was and think about what is now

Before the sun rises

I want to look you in the eyes then kiss you so deeply our heartbeats become one and I can literally taste your soul on the tip of my tongue

Not letting you go because I’m afraid I might not make it without your deep breaths

Afraid I will never get this moment again

Afraid this may be the last time my heart beats so hard that you feel the vibrations through my golden skin

I want to see you again

Before the sun rises